JournalBooks - Americas Premier Journal Maker

At Journalbooks, we believe in creative minds working together to create something truly unique. Our company motto reflects our commitment to bringing you the newest, most innovative, and most interesting items designed specifically to meet your client’s needs. We are: Bold, Fresh, Current, and the “Magic Happens” in our facilities right here in North Carolina.

Our goal is to work together to build an item to order based on the information you provide about what your client’s goals are for any particular project. Our team of Creative Sales Reps are trained in graphic design and available to help inspire new ideas and provide designs, and our skilled crew of experienced craftsmen are waiting to turn those ideas into reality. We strive to produce items that are fresh, practical, and inimitable in both creative design and quality. We’re constantly adding new features, cover materials, and options that stay current with fresh market trends while designing around client needs and budget. Rest assured that when you work with the Journalbooks team, you’ll receive the information and support you need to confidently present clients with a range of fresh, one-of-a-kind options at reasonable prices.